Monday, May 28, 2012

Julian Assange Program Episode 7 Discusses The Occupy Movement With Early Organizers - Activists

Episode 7 of Julian Assange's program on RT Television is scheduled to air on Tuesday May 29th at 4:30am PDT. You can watch episode 7 online on RT's website.
"Although it is economic and social inequality that are named as the main causes behind Occupy, Alexa O'Brien from Occupy in New York and US Day of Rage says it is not just about the global financial crisis but also about a global political crisis - because", “institutions are no longer functional.”
The program features a discussion of the Occupy Movement and features a panel of some of the key early organizers and activists including writer David Graeber, Aaron Peters and Naomi Colvin from Occupy London and Alexa O'Brien from Occupy Wall Street NewYork and US Day of Rage.

Note: Alexa O'Brien is also one of  7 plaintiffs in the 'Freedom 7' lawsuit brought to stop implementation  of certain provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) dealing with arrest, due process and detention of US citizens. The plaintiffs won a preliminary injunction in Federal Court on May 16th that effectively blocks authorities from unlawfully using the law to arrest and detain US Citizens. The US government has appealed the ruling. 

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