Sunday, June 05, 2011

An Old Working Class Bastard's New Manifesto For America

I can be a cynical old bastard, but at least I'm your cynical old working class middle class type of a bastard. In my 64 years on this earth I have rarely experienced the incompetence and corporate and political shenanigans I've seen from today's host of lackey politicians of both parties in concert with a host of unethical corporate Shylocks. (no offense to my Jewish friends intended)

It is not rocket science really, we need progressive outside the envelope thinking and action and not the pandering we most often nowadays get from our so called leaders in both parties. My premise is also based on the belief that deficit federal spending is needed more than ever now to overcome the backward out of date old white man, corporate manipulated thinking that caused the great recession in the first place.

We don't need long winded ideological driven ploys and speeches that fain the need to cut spending as a be all end all solution to every problem that troubles mankind or our nation either. Plus the religious zealots need to get the fuck out of the way and stop using the bible as their guide for American political progress and modernization. Please leave the book of revelations out of planning for the future. Religion is a personal and spiritual practice not a political one.

old fart manifesto for the working and middle class
  • Reverse the Citizen United Supreme Court decision as soon as possible and pass a constitutional amendment that entirely eliminates and outlaws corporate funding of candidates. Creates a system of publicly and individually financed elections.
  • Authorize a new massive stimulus program that's aimed at rebuilding our nation's crumbling infrastructure 
  • The rich and corporations must start immediately paying their fair share of taxes, including ending tax breaks for oil companies and other special corporate interest groups
  • Religious organizations and churches should be taxed
  • Create and overall energy policy that moves us towards reducing green house gases and foreign dependence and recognize that climate change is caused by human activity. Set goals and timetables for reducing green house gases.
  • Strengthen and expand laws, that protect the right to organize labor unions that collectively bargain for workers wages hours and working conditions
  • End American involvement in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere and reduce American military presence virtually everyplace on earth.
  • Reduce overall military spending
  • Repeal the Patriot Act 
  • Stop the right wing attack on women's rights
  • Strength Social Security and expand Medicare
  • Raise the minimum wage to $12 dollars per hour
  • Strictly regulate all food production and safety and support and create infrastructure and laws that promotes small farming and family farm production of naturally grown foods. Work to reduce the consumption of processed foods. Restrict the use of pesticides. Regulate large corporate farming, seafood and meat production
  • Promote physical activities, healthy lifestyles and the consumption of natural produced organic foods
  • Support tax incentives and stimulus programs that are environmentally friendly and reduce energy use. Grant tax incentives for private parties who build small scale energy producing environmentally friendly alternatives for their private use
  • Protect gay and trans-gender rights and legalize same sex marriage
  • Reform the educational system, including reducing class size and modernizing our teaching methods and curriculum 
  • Pass a constitutional amendment that strengthens the separation of church and state
  • Pass a law that requires at least a 30 day paid vacation for every worker annually if they wish to use it
  • Outlaw "ask your doctor" type drug commercials. Make generic drugs readily available and assure there testing and safety.
  • Reform drug laws and immediately legalize and tax the sale and use of marijuana for everyone over 18. Increase funds for those needing drug treatment
  • Prosecute the people in the financial industry who's speculation and criminal activity caused the great recession or if they break the law. Enforce the antitrust laws
  • Create a federal program that provides low interest loans to home owners in distress and buys properties (that can be sold back later by the government) that are in foreclosure
  • Revise bankruptcy laws that make it easier for homeowners to walk away from bad home loans without losing everything they own, Such laws would at the same time be aimed at forcing lenders to be more inclined to refinance bad loans on homes with distressed mortgages, mortgages in foreclosure or for homes that are underwater
  • Separate by law banking operations from Wall Street investment enterprises and make credit available to those who qualify 
  • Computerize all medical records and widely expand the availability and access to preventive medicine practices
  • Prosecute racists groups and individuals when they violate the civil rights laws or threaten others
  • Reduce military aid to Israel and begin acting like an evenhanded and fair mediator between the Palestinians and Israel on a 2 state solution which promotes the return of Palestinian to their former lands within the 1947 borders
  • Reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons 
  • License gun owners and require them to pass a course on gun use and safety in order to own or possess a firearm. Outlaw the sale of assault weapons and their sale at gun shows. Toughen laws that keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.
  • Reform immigration laws and create a path for immigrants to become citizens. Protect the border and stop illegal immigration as much as possible. Pass the dream act.
  • Pass laws that make it easier for all citizens to register and vote in elections and allow everyone to vote by mail. 
  • Give large federal grants to the states that help them weather the recession
  • Create government make work programs that are aimed at cleaning up environmental damage. Move away from nuclear and coal energy sources until it can be proven that it is safe and will not cause environmental damage or additional green house gases
  • Expand the social safety net for those in need, including those needing unemployment insurance, food stamps and free medical care
  • Promote birth control and parenting programs and early childhood food and support programs
  • Keep abortion legal and available. 
  • Outlaw the practice where former politicians can become lobbyists  once their term in office is completed
  • Protect the environment, animals and the water supply
  • Promote bilingualism and  sexual education in the schools
  • Strengthen penalties for violations of worker safety laws, racial, sex and sexual orientation discrimination in the work place and wage discrimination
  • Modernize the national power grid, and create internet access for all. Protect net neutrality
  • Restrict the use of the filibuster in Congress and pass laws that restrict a "tyranny by the minority"
  • Restrict or eliminate Frankenfoods and monopolies that control the access to crop and garden seeds
  • Reform the presidential electoral college so that a candidate winning the greatest number of national votes cannot lose the election (The National Popular Vote Act). Create a system of regional primary elections for all potential presidential candidates that would happen in each particular region on the same day (different dates for each region) and involve all parties and candidates
  • Reform our mental health delivery system and create institutions and housing for mentally ill patients who need it.
  • Fund mass transit, high speed rail and alternatives to automobile use
  • Stimulate small businesses that manufacture made in America products or that  promote innovation that creates jobs in the United States.   
  • Penalize and tax companies that ship American jobs overseas
  • Create a program that would create millions of college scholarships
  • Expand FEMA and/or programs that deal with national natural disasters
  • Make the NCAA create a Division 1 college football championship playoff system (oh well, why not)
  • Make doing the wave at baseball games a capitol crime

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