Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Boeing Outsourcing - Runaway Shop Tactics Translate Into Poorly Built & Engineered Planes

Boeing's greedy once admired barons of the airline industry continue to commits hari-kari.....

The freaking bottom line is the only thing that matters to these wizards of industry nowadays. Not loyalty to their employees, not patriotism, not loyalty to  the communities that help them become the rich and powerful entities they became. Anybody with a pea brain knows that The Boeing Company ran to South Carolina to avoid having to bargain with the Machinist Union and the other unions here in Washington State that for most of their existence as a company built their planes. It's an unfair labor practice to do that. Or it used to be a unfair labor practice.

Everyone thought that The NLRB has been neutered by a succession of anti-worker federal administrations and political sellouts. But recently it offered up a ruling on the Boeing move to South Carolina that made it look like the old NLRB. The one setup in the 1930's to protect the collective bargaining rights of workers. The ruling said that Boeing moved its plant to avoid the union and by doing so had discriminated against the machinists in Washington State because of their union activities.

The underlying problem, that the company doesn't seem to get, is that the Boeing Company doesn't build planes that are as good as the ones they used to build. Why you may ask, outsourcing work to unproven factories and workers across the globe, many experts believe, caused the delays, engineering quality drop offs and skyrocketing cost of the next generation 787 Dreamliner. Which is now several years behind schedule.

Build it cheap instead of building a quality product was the company's new mantra. Forget the fact that Seattle is the envy of the nation because of its skilled workforce, especially when it comes to building jet planes. Yes, maybe we demanded more money and our dignity, but it was worth ever penny. Boeing's name used to be synonymous with quality built planes, but not so much now. Washington State ate, slept, and breathed The Boeing Company. Generation after generation of Northwest family members worked at the company. It says much about the supposed loyalty this company had for this community.

The gnashing of teeth and whining over the NLRB decision by these pompous corporate dolts and their right wing scab cronies would lead you to think someone killed their first born child. They beleive their good businessmen, but in the end whether the machinist union wins the day or not Boeing will have destroyed the goose who laid their golden egg because of their greed and disloyalty to this community that's played a key role in making them successful in the first place.

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