Thursday, June 23, 2011

US Day Of Rage Gathers Steam - Non Violent Organization Ramps Up Protests Against The Corporate Oligarchy

After many months of building an organization US Day of Rage has launched its new website today. The organization, which up until now has been mainly based around social media and twitter, is now moving on to the next phase of non violent protest with a national effort for boots on the ground citizen protests in key cities and state capitols around the country directly aimed at the corrupted and corporate controlled political system .

USDOR believes that most of the evils and inequities citizens experience in the course of their daily lives can be traced directly back to well meaning citizens relinquishing political power to this global network of corporations and a political system that continues to be co-opted by them. USDOR's main aim is presently focused on stopping corruption they believe is caused by the out of control and unregulated influence that corporate contributions have on our political system.

USDOR has setup an extensive social media network on tweeter and facebook to facilitate these planned future people protests.

Here is excerpt from the USDOR manifesto with links for those who may want to get involved:

Corporate influence corrupts our political parties, our elections, and the institutions of government.

Bought by hard and soft dollars, disloyal, incompetent, and wasteful special interests have usurped our nation’s civil and military power, spawning a host of threats to liberty and our national security.

We have had enough.

Legitimate government is born of the self-interest and will of the people expressed by its citizens in free and fair elections. It does not spring from a tyranny of corporate or royal patronage, or a system or ideology that runs counter to the aims of life.

The institutions of government were designed to protect the principles of our democratic republic and to serve the will of citizens.

Corporations, even those owned by foreign shareholders, use money to act as the voices of millions, while individual citizens, the legitimate voters, are silenced and demoralized by the farce.

Free and fair elections inspire good citizenship and public service, because they engage the intelligence and genuine good will of the American people.

They produce the kind of stewardship our nation desperately needs, because they ensure that citizens can influence their destiny, and make genuine contributions to society.

Free and fair elections remedy the myriad ills and abuses of a corrupt and illegitimate government, which preys on the resources and spirits of citizens. These abuses and ills are listed on the official US Day of Rage twitter hash tag #usdor.

For these reasons, we come together now to organize a national and non-violent protest.

We demand that integrity be restored to our elections.

One citizen. One dollar. One vote.
For many citizens understanding and dealing with the scope of the problem of runaway corporate influence on our political institutions and our lives has been a daunting undertaking.

We came across this piece via The Raw Story where Pulitzer-winning author and former New York Times reporter Chris Hedges offers his revolutionary world-view. In the video below, his recent “Endgame Strategy” piece for AdBusters is read aloud by George Atherton.

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