Monday, June 06, 2011

McShwinn's Bike Crashes

One term mayor? The polls are in and the citizens of Seattle aren't happy with Mike apparently. The question would seem to be is his approval rating crashing because he's bunging up the viaduct replacement or because he not doing a very good job in general as mayor of Seattle. The appointment of his bicycle club buddy brought a load of bad press. Which he didn't really handle well.

Is he alienated people with his elitist approach to politics and getting things done, or not done? He seems to me to be a Mayor who comes across as only interested in some of his constituents,  i.e. people who think everything you read in the Stranger is actually useful and hip along with the people who want to turn Safeco field into a velodrome. Rather than being a mayor for all the citizens of Seattle it appears he has chosen to pander to certain groups in my estimation. I guess we'll know more after the schizophrenic citizens of Seattle vote on the viaduct replacement issue in August.

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