Monday, June 06, 2011

Advice for Boys - "Keep Your Wiener In Your Pants"

I remember when I was a kid and my brother was going out on one of his first dates. My father told him to "keep your wiener in you pants" as he went out the door.

Which I thought was very funny and bold as a young boy even though I didn't really know entirely what wiener he may have been possibly talking about given my age at the time. It's good manly advise I'm sure now in retrospect for anyone today who thinks that sending compromising photos over the internet is somehow a good idea ever.

Message to an ex-girlfriend: I did the honorable thing and deleted all those wonderful photos you emailed me way back when we were in the infatuation stage.  So you can now run for political office if the opportunity presents itself.

Congressman Anthony Weiner is in hot water for sure. It's looks more like Weiner will be barbecued to me. We are sure of one thing there will now be enough Weiner double entendre headlines to fill a book. The point is I would think after today's revelation he's totally fried.

It's rather heartbreaking for us who thought he was one of us and loved his rants against the Republicans. Poor wife too.

Weiner is on TV now admitting he sent the photos. I know your asking yourself, why would a US Congressman send nude photos of himself to anyone. Who the hell knows. It will be a tragedy losing this progressive voice and more importantly the credibility it so often carried. Not many people on the fence are going to trust much he says from here on out even if his rather candid admission today somehow ends up saving his congressional seat in Congress or his marriage.

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