Thursday, June 09, 2011

Holier Than Thou Slog Story On 34th District Dems Endorsement Of Tunnel Only Reflects Their Overwhelming Bias

The Slog post is tainted by their uppity, we know best, holier than thou anti-tunnel position. Their comments on the 34th 68% recommendation for approval of Prop 1 attempts to give the impression that somehow those of us who live in the 34th are not informed enough about the issue to really know what we are doing or what's best for our district. The story's bias is palpable, based on comments like this one: 

"That's to be expected from West Seattle residents who use the Alaskan Way Viaduct more than residents of other neighborhoods."

I'm a 34th district PCO and attended the 34th district endorsement meeting and like most of the Democrats there, voted to endorse the pro-tunnel Proposition 1. Maybe the 34th District (West Seattle and Vashon Island) Democrats recommended approval of Prop 1 because we are sick of obstructionists like the Slog and McShwinn and 10 years of delay on a highway we actually NEED to use on a daily basis. 

We actually KNOW how important it is to have the Hwy 99 corridor modernized, and as soon as possible. We also know the pie in the sky no-plan they propose that calls for improved transit, using I-5, bicycling and "other" surface options would be more expensive, cause even more gridlock and will not best serve an overwhelming number of people who live in the 34th, who actually have to drive a vehicle to get their goods, services and themselves to market. 

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