Thursday, June 16, 2011

Eh- Some Drunks High on Molson's and 220's Trash Vanhoserville Tarnish Lord Stanley's Legacy Forever - Bruins Suck

Ironic thought.... working class can't connect the dots.. The government can send your sons, daughters brothers and sisters off to fight and die in some questionable foreign war. Runaway corporations and banks can steal the people's money and put deadly pollutants into the environment and poison the food supply with impunity. The government can take away your ability to effectively bargain for better working conditions. The rich can exploit the poor without punishment. The political system is so corrupt and unresponsive that it is almost entirely ineffective. Your civil rights have been co-opted in favor of a police state mentality and fear mongering.

Wait a minute that's the US not Canada. Maybe not....

The only thing apparently that really pisses you off enough to take to the streets in Canada is losing a fucking ice hockey championship. The chant "fuck the bruins, fuck the bruins" while you destroying a police car is a rather haunting non sequitur.

These hockey riots reflect the anger of the young with those in power, with authority in general and with the status quo enforcer police. The general perception by the young is that society has failed to create justice and equity or a Stanley cup champion.  The large crowds of disgruntled  hosers fresh from losing the championship game and high on Molson's and 220's  provided an opportunity for them to manifest some Canadian misdirected working class anger, eh?

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