Friday, June 24, 2011

How To Rape Your Mother (Earth) And Like It - From Your Friendly American Petroleum Institute

In the name of profit and greed the energy companies and their public lobbying voice The American Petroleum Institute continue to promote the lie that mining of Canada's tar sands only consideration should be creating jobs and a freedom from foreign oil. They never talk about reducing oil consumption through conservation or the extensive environmental and health damage these mining methods cause. Nor do they ever mention the enormous consequences tar sand mining has on carbon emissions and climate change.

In reality these methods have caused major environmental damage, are making people sick and adding significantly to the world's carbon emissions that drive climate change. The institute is the mouthpiece and lobbyist for the oil industry.

The ads almost always promote the safety and the abundance of energy sources that are "right underneath your feet". We only have to  exploit these hidden sources to create "thousands" of jobs and reduce America's dependence on foreign oil.  If only the politicians, environmentalist, and your mother, the earth, would just get out of the way.

"Gee whiz I didn't know that" the friendly female voice interjects...

Here's an example of the API's sweet and family friendly bullshit....

and here's a report on the widespread destruction related to tar sands mining in Canada:

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