Monday, June 13, 2011

Transportation Not The Only Reason: Building The AWV Tunnel Will Create 30,000 Jobs

Progressives and some economists on the left say that we need a new stimulus plan now to ward off a double dip recession. Though a Republican controlled congress probably won't go for that. Seattle is lucky because if we are smart and bold we won't need the wing nuts in Congress to create a stimulus program of our own. The plan of which I speak will create 30.000 mostly union wage high paying new jobs in the region. All we have to do is stop the egghead reasoning, nit-picking and misleading information campaign by obstructionist who continues to interfere with moving forward.

What could this stimulus program be you may ask?  It's simple, build the deep bore tunnel.

One of the most compelling reasons for building the tunnel in this jobless economy is that it will create lots of jobs. In fact years of union wage construction jobs and other jobs at new and existing businesses that will come with the eventual transportation improvements and revitalization of the entire waterfront.

We have only to overcome one final hurdle. We can do it by voting YES on Proposition #1 August 16th. Your pioneer square waitress will thank you later when the establishment she works at is full of tunnel construction workers having lunch.

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