Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why Doesn’t Disingenuous Mayor McSchwinn Just Come Out and Say He’s Against the Tunnel Under Any Circumstances

Sometime in the utopian future Mayor McSchwinn wants all of us to ride our bikes or take public transit if we're going through town for business or pleasure. These are lovely and lofty ideals that the city of Seattle should strive for, but as I’ve said before they are highly unrealistic for most people who are living in the present.

Apparently he is more concerned with where to locate Nickelsville than getting started on replacing the crumbling viaduct and seawall. Publicola had a story yesterday that says the McSchwinn has not made a measurable effort yet to lobby Seattle’s legislators about controlling Seattle's share of the cost overruns that he's got his panties all in a knot about controlling.  Of course, the issue will come up in the next session of the legislature. You'd think, as mayor of Seattle, one of his top prioities would be to exercise do diligence and communicate his concerns to lawmakers about cost overruns on the tunnel project, but I guess not.

McSchwinn talks a good game and does a lot of posturing about tunnel cost overruns being the problem.

He gives the impression that if the city had certain guarantees that cost overruns could be controlled and not the responsibility of the city taxpayers he’s start construction tomorrow. But his actions demonstrate his real political agenda is no tunnel being built ever.

Even Goldy over at Horsesass argues that McSchwinn and his allies at the Stranger and elsewhere are only eclipsed by Tim Eyman when it comes to their anti-roads ideology.  All caught up in their personal agendas about bicycle ridding everywhere for everybody acted out behind the wizard of Oz tunnel cost overrun smokescreen.

Dear Mayor McSchwinn can you please come out and just say that your against the tunnel no matter what the circumstances are and quit being the typical politician that you are who's more concerned about protecting your bicycle riding back side than making the hard choices.

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