Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Terror Alert Color Codes Released - Sort of....

The folks over at The Vigilant Lens are always a bit edgy to say the least. But they always spew with a touch of irony.  Below is their new version of Terror Alert Color Code system VL featured  in a story about how the government is not seeing the forest for the trees when the TSA is allowed to violate your rights and bust your balls, no pun intended, at the airport. They argue that government resources should be focused on what maybe the real problem, bomb factories like the one discovered in Escondido, California.
"Billions upon billions of dollars spent every year, grabbing your crotch, reading your email, hunting illegal’s and infiltrating peace groups…all in a self-serving, corporate attempt to Kabuki you into giving the rich more tax breaks."

"More Homelandians are killed every day by a lack of health care, than any Langley employed underwear bomber ever trained for. Smoking, dental decay and french fries, kill more of us than any CIA trained-Iraqi pilot ever dreamed."

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  1. I blame the edginess of the Lens on a baby sitter I had back in 1981. This and the fact that she turned me on to Camel cigarettes, Billy Squier and Lucky Lager beer...well, lets just say that I'm still not over the Billy Squire thing.

    Thanks for the words artistdogboy...I'm off to find an old Motorhead cassette to help cleanse away the Squire!