Thursday, November 11, 2010

Class Warfare And Trickle Down Economics My Ass

Every time someone argues for the elimination of the Bush tax cuts for the rich the right hauls out their "class warfare" talking point. If that doesn't work they go to the "less taxes on the rich will create jobs" trickle down rant. Really it's about tax equity and fairness and the fact that higher taxes on the rich really don't create the jobs that they claim they do.

The elephant in the closet in all the arguments about deficit reduction and taxes that almost always fails to get addressed is the fact that we are conducting two very expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that are draining this country's coffers and are essentially unfunded mandates.

Real class warfare is what's going to happen sometime in the future if the middle class wakes up to the fact that they've been getting screwed for years by the corporate and financial oligarchy and their political enablers.

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  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    The so called "trickle down theory" and "tax cut for the rich" is very much like this: I would persuate everyone giving me a dollar (or more), and in return I will throw a handfull of pennies on the ground for them to pick up. The person who works hard will pick more pennies (thus the slogan: "work harder and will be success"). Don't forget that after each time I throw down the pennies, in return everyone has to give me at least a dollar or more. If I'm in a good mood, maybe - just maybe, I throw more pennies on the ground for them to pick up. And that is called the "American dream". Dream on dudes.