Thursday, November 18, 2010

Deadly Amounts Of Radioactivity Found 1000 Feet From Columbia River

Meanwhile down at the Plant..... (that's what the locals call Hanford, by the way)

Workers have found a nasty surprise beneath a Hanford building just north of Richland - they found highly contaminated soil from an previously undiscovered leak.

"This is extremely high radiation. Nothing else compares in the river corridor," said Mark French, Department of Energy project director for environmental cleanup in the river corridor, the 75 square miles of Hanford along the Columbia River. 

Radioactivity has been measured at 8,900 rad per hour, which would be about 10 times the lethal dose on contact, according to Hanford officials. The building where the leak was found is about 1,000 feet from the Columbia River.

Heart of America NW, a Hanford watchdog group, had this to say about the contamination:

"Now, the question is how could USDOE have promoted use of the building for years without knowing about radiation levels so high in the sumps and soil under the building that they would kill in minutes??? What is needed Now: an emergency cleanup effort is needed due to proximity to the River and public, and an investigation as to how this was ignored or not found for years. This is going to be very expensive because of the incredible risk from the gamma radiation, and shielding needed. However, this comes at a time when Congressional pressure and the President’s announced response is to cut Hanford Clean-Up budgets in 2012. The waste should not be disposed at Hanford in landfills, it is so hot it should be treated as High-Level Waste, which is what it originated as." 

Wonder what the Republican majority in the House of Representatives thinks about providing  money to clean up this deadly mess. Maybe they will be swayed into paying for the cleanup because it more directly effects their redneck base supporter who live and work in Eastern Washington, or would  that be considered an earmark? Ouch!

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