Saturday, November 06, 2010

Welcome to California Style Budget and Tax System Gridlock Nitwits

If you voted for I-1053 I'm sure you'll probably like it when absolutely nothing gets done in this State from now into the foreseeable future. I hope some government service you depend on gets cut first. Roads go to hell, ferry service is cut, kids don't get the medical treatment they need or your kid's school goes to hell.  Little old San Juan was the only county in the state that rejected this bullshit initiative having apparently had enough of Mr. Eyman's past smoke and mirror routine with initiatives 1033 and 601.

Washington State is now headed strait for major budget cuts and/or legislative gridlock because this law effectively blocks the regular absolute majority legislative process. If you like tyranny by the minority, your going to get a belly full of it for sure. This arcane process is now going to be the law in Washington State. Oh, I know Tim Eyman and the rest of his we got ours cronies made it sounds real good, but even if you didn't understand what it really meant when you voted for I-1053 your going to find out now for sure. It's called....
"Tyranny of the minority, is most often applied disparagingly to processes in which a minority is able to block legislative changes through super-majority threshold requirements. For example, if a 2/3 vote in favor is required to enact a new law, a minority of greater than 1/3 is said to have "minoritarian" powers."
I didn't vote for a selfish Republican no tax asshole to represent me and it looks like a majority of other citizens of this state didn't either. But some how the Republican minority will end up with veto power over the Democratic majority in both chambers of the legislature. Tim Eyman's I-1053 assures it will happen. Government here will be just like it is in California now, unable to pass a budget that 3/4 of the assembly can agree on and, dead broke!. There is just no way that you are going to get 2/3 or the State House and Senate to agree to raise any tax, not matter how worthwhile or needed, given the Republican just say no rich angry white man philosophy on taxes and life. Apparently an absolute majority vote used in most all democratic processes wasn't good enough for you was it?

I'm sure that 65% of the voting nitwits in Kitsap and Island Counties who ride the ferry system and also voted  for this Machiavellian rule will love it when their ferry service is cut. "Oh shit, what happened?", they'll muse. When the viaduct falls down and the State can't build the necessary road to replace it because they can't pass a a toll fee to pay for it for sure these shills will blame it on those damn politicians in Olympia or the overpaid state employees instead of their own uninformed ignorant vote.

And another thing, tell your State Representatives and Senators whatever they do, not to tax my candy or soda pop because I can't afford to pay that extra 2 cents tax on a bottle of sugar filled soda pop or candy bar those health nuts in the legislature tried to impose last year on my fat misinformed ass.!

Fuck those poor people and their kids anyway if they get sick!


  1. Anonymous5:40 AM

    The Goopers will say that it's all the fault of the teachers, or the ferry workers or the cops and firefighters, not theirs. They will say "privatize", so they won't have to pay taxes for it. They will propose eliminating those "fat" pensions, and maybe even defunding them to pay for things now. The public, particularly in the hillbilly half, will agree because they get their news from "the slime oozing out from their T.V. sets."Not that they would ever do it, but Eyman and his ilk ought to tell us their vision of how they want things to be, to give us an example. I suspect it would look a lot like 18th Century Mississippi.