Friday, November 26, 2010

Shoppers Gone Wild

Something is wrong with this behavior my gut tells me.  These poor, mostly working class, people seem to have lost their dignity and been duped once again into nearly killing one another over a TV set. The Walmart door buster sale on Black Friday reminds me of starving people attacking a food truck in some famine ravaged African country instead of a sale on flat screen televisions or a toaster.

This relatively new shopping experience in America ironically follows Thanksgiving Day, which has become more a day to feed ones face and plot your position in line the next morning than considering the fact your lucky to have a roof over your head, a job or anything to eat at all.

"Advertising defines "the good life" in terms of buying rather than of doing, of acquisition rather than of accomplishment, of consumption rather than conservation." Thomas Hines

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  1. You're so right in what you said above, Its embarassing that its this way.