Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Backbone Campaign Director And Local Activist Bill Moyer Featured On Huffington Post

Bill Moyer, Director of the Backbone Campaign and fellow Vashon Islander, had his piece entitled, Hell With Congress - We Need A Movement prominently featured on Huffington Post yesterday. The Backbone Campaign movement is known for its unique use of political theater, puppets, satire and irony in its organizing and activism activities. Moyer's has a dogged believes in local "community based organizing" as the foundation of any meaningful attempt to build a larger reform movement.

"The strategic response to Tuesday's election results is not to fight to defend private mandates or toothless financial reforms. The strategic response is to refocus and redouble our efforts to build a nationally-networked, community-based progressive populist movement that makes a real difference in the people's lives."

The Backbone Campaign's 2nd annual Chocolatada fund-raiser is scheduled for November 27th at the Open Space on Vashon Island.

Here's a June 2010 video of Moyer in action on, of all places, the Fox Business channel where he's talking about the Backbone Campaign's call for a nationwide boycott of British Petroleum.

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