Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thanks To The Labor Movement You Have The Weekend Off

Often forgotten or taken for granted. Today we see many of the gains made by organized labor being taken away or not offered at all in the case of the off shoring of American jobs. As the poster says: "Power Concedes nothing without a demand. It Never did and it never will", a quote attributed to Frederick Douglass.

Ask yourself, would there be the same disparity in the distribution of wealth between the rich and poor in this country today if we actually had a strong viable and united labor movement. I think not. This is not Socialist propaganda it's a fact. Workers have drank the kool aide given to them by there benevolent lying corporate masters in most cases. A poor working person voting Republican? My god! Why would you vote for someone who has no interest in you other then keeping you in everlasting ignorance and paying you as close to minimum wage as you'll accept.

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