Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Guns God And The Black Panthers Are Coming

This is the same sort of bullshit I ran into almost on a daily basis in East Texas and Montana when I was working for the Obama campaign during the presidential race. God and Guns, that's all they talk about. "They're going to take my gun away, or he's really a Muslim terrorist Antichrist..... and it wasn't a Saturday Night Live skit. Then of course. there's also a deep seated fear of anyone who's not white gaining power. Rather un-fucking believable how ignorant large groups of people are in this country.

Obama's campaign had a handout that addressed his position on guns quite clearly, since it was always coming up. If you got a chance to discuss the handout or give them a copy they'd say it's a lie. "Cus my uncle Joe told me he read it on the internet and heard it on FOX News"

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