Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mariners And Washington Nationals Only Teams To Have Never Played In World Series

Congratulations San Francisco, your a marvelous city. Your blue collar Giants won the National League Pennant tonight. I bet some tea party nut job somewhere is looking up the word "fix" in the dictionary right now for his protest sign because the Giant's win surely made Nancy Pelosi jump for joy.

The Texas Rangers won the American league Pennant last night and will meet the Giants in the World Series. The Rangers win now means that there are only two major league teams who haven't ever been to the World Series. The Washington Nationals, a franchise that isn't even five years old yet and your doormat Seattle Mariners. Yes, I said the Washington Nationals! When will the absentee Japanese owner of the Mariners pay enough attention to realize the squeaky clean Mariner de facto owner godfathers Chuck Armstrong and Howard Lincoln need to be dumped!

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