Friday, October 22, 2010

My Photos From Murray Obama Rally

I spent most of yesterday involved with the Patty Murray President Obama Rally at the University of Washington. Later when I got home it amazed my how the MSM seemed to underplay the fact that over 30,000 people showed up for this rally. Many of the news segments I saw on local TV spend much of the time focusing on a small handful of crackpots who were outside the hall. One holding a enormous Obama as Hitler sign or one displaying a sign so cluttered and hard to read that no one would normally of pay any attention to it.

I had volunteered to work the event as an usher. I snapped a few photos. I think it important to attend political rallies. Mainly because you get to hear the candidates speeches in complete context and not in TV sound bites, which often focus on the negative or some unexpected gaffe. But I was inspired again hearing Obama cover many of themes of his presidency during his speech. Here are the photos I took from my usher job location. Clicking on the photo will produce a higher resolution.

My President works the hand line

This wide photo of Obama has a rather 19th century historic feel to it

The President rocks the house

Gregoire warms the crowd up

Before the doors opened

Murray rallies the troops

If you'd rather have a sample of the enormous enthusiasm in the hall and hellfire of Obama's speech check out the video.

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