Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Rich Sign Pact With Satan

Tax Data Show Richest 1 Percent Took a Hit in 2008, But Income Remained Highly Concentrated at the Top — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

It started with Ronald Reagan's trickle down economics. The theory was remove regulations on business which would let corporations make unlimited profits that would then somehow "trickle down" to us peons. Except they lied. The rich ended up keeping their money to themselves. The greedy bastards apparently don't realize that if the middle class has no money they can't buy the products and services offered by their companies. The last time the disparity between the rich and and the peons was this large was around the time of the Great Depression, an economic atmosphere eerily similar to the present day. But greed and a I got mine mindset apparently rules the day with these devils.

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