Monday, December 08, 2008

Licata Obstructs Progress On Expanding Streetcar

Seattle City Council member Nick Licata once again has demonstrated his tendency to stand in the way of any viable rapid transit idea that comes up in the City of Seattle. It plays into his long history of obstructing progress and taking the political course of least resistance.

He’s predictably happy to always present a narrow-minded small idea counter proposal to any idea that’s bold or forward thinking. Licata single-handedly is probably the council member most responsible for Seattle's laughable nationwide reputation as the champion of major cities when it comes to lots of talk an little or no action.

He was against a progressive option during the Viaduct vote and invariably ends up against just about anything that reflects original thinking or the least bit of risk of his personal political capital. If Licata were in charge of the Lewis and Clark expedition it still be stuck in Saint Louis. Licata’s addiction to parochial and dated group think stifles the life out of the city and has a history of strangling the baby in it’s crib on every worthwhile and progressive idea that comes before the City Council.

The current controversy is about expanding the streetcar lines throughout the city. Licata opposes it because he’s worried about where the money will come from rather then getting off his ass and finding the funding necessary to build it. He is also worried about whether the riders will actually ride a streetcar.

Well if you build streetcar lines in neighborhoods that actually have people in them instead of exclusively in just Paul Allen urban renewal south Lake Union neighborhood I’d venture to guess that you’ll get your riders. It also seems to me that since the Obama administration is about to spend billions on infrastructure projects to stimulate the economy that as a politician it would behoove Licata to be out there getting the GD money to expand the streetcar lines rather then falling back on his habit of whining about what we can’t do.

God it may put someone to work and create a green transit system that better reflects what a great city Seattle can be instead of the shitty carbon based bus system that Licata apparently thinks is just fine.

I know Licata is still the pet of many of Seattle’s liberals who are apparently most impressed by the last person they talk to since they continue to vote for this guy like sheep being lead to the slaughter. Licata’s small time ideas are outdated. Seattle needs better and bolder leaders now more then ever. Leaders who are willing to take political positions that demonstrate real leadership and new thinking, not the play it safe political course of least resistance that have personify Licata's tenure as a member of the dinosaur faction of the city council.

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