Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Nation Of Sniveling Pussies Get What They Deserve

Will No One Arrest These Criminals, Harry Reid Must Go Pelosi Too And Screw A Truth Commission Go For Long Prison Terms And Restitution Because I Don't Support The Death Penalty But If I Did...

Well Dick Cheney comes on TV as says rather matter of fact that even if there were no WMD he thinks the war with Iraq would still of been worth it and necessary, "Saddam was a bad actor". Then he takes a breath and answers the next question about whether he approved torture and he says yes, and he do it again because yada, yada, fucking yada. End of story and now Keith says, "it time for the worst persons in the world".

It's always Bill O'Reilly, Russ Limbaugh, or Rupert Murdock which is not funny anymore . Aren't they suppose to retire the prize or something if you win it so many times in a row. Keith needs some new shtick when it comes to his personal Billy O'Reilly hating gambit. He kind of lowers himself to O'Reilly's level ever time he mentions the nitwit.

I bet two Catalan friends in Spain summer before last that Bush or Cheney and probably several others would be in jail within five years for the damn international crime spree they've been on the since coming to power. They disagreed and said that people like Cheney and Bush always get off.

Maybe in Spain my foreign friends but not in America for the law is suppose to be above politics as usual. My god my little amigos what would Thomas Jefferson think?

It's a fucking felonious crime my fellow citizens to do the things that Bush and Cheney have done. We just need someone with enough balls and integrity to prosecute their weaselling asses. Stop whining about how it going to tear us apart or that we need to go through a national girlie man healing process. What a total line of bull dung that would be.

The healing process that's called for by our constitution is: NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW period.

Bush gets a shoe thrown at him in Iraq because he's lowered the presidency to the level where shoe throwing is now a feasibility demonstration by whomever. But I think we should not throw shoes here, we should be throwing the book at this SOB.

I said to my Catalan friends that it had to be because the fucking US constitution would have to be not worth the paper it was printed on if it didn't happen. How could people directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths including 4000 American military personal, all base on their personal whims, go un-prosecuted.

Am I some kook crying in the god damn wilderness here? You bet I am. But, if that asshole Cheney was standing here before me I have to make a citizens arrest of the bastard for murder and theft of billions even if I had to take his fat ass down doing it myself.

Wake up for Christ sake, is this America folks? Where is our freaking soul and sense of right and wrong. Who will be our champion to vanquish these criminal bastards. One things for sure it won't be the gutless Harry Reid and the second place most gutless Nancy Pelosi. These people are failed leaders. This go along to get along crap has got to stop.

Reid and Pelosi wake up in the morning ready to compromise their own freaking mother if it meant they be safe and protected in their highfalutin career paths . Weak and despicably without honor or much integrity, neither one. Reid and Pelosi continue to do the same thing over and over and we expect a different result which makes us all by definition insane. Their ruled by the powerful interest not the common folks interests and cannot be trusted farther then you can throw either one of them. Who in the hell chose them to be our leaders in the Congress.

Please god give us a fucking leader, anyone but these shells of nothingness. My Kingdom for a horse that will prosecute these felons.

But we all sit here while Rome is fucking burning going dum de dum de dum de fucking dum. I'm tired after travelling all over this damn country working for over a year to get Obama elected to just go on like it's time to play the flip side of the LP. What the fuck is wrong with us as a people anyway that we continue to take it in the ass from these people without even so much as a whimper. Hey hand me that Vaseline please, I'm ready for some more please!

Bush and Cheney must be prosecuted or respect for the rule of law and order means absolutely nothing. If their murder, mayhem and larceny go unaddressed we are spiritually and morally bankrupt as a country, Get it.

Are you listening Mr President Elect. I am that kooky voice you hear in your conscience over here crying in the darkness for justice. Screw a truth commission tell that special prosecutor to go for the maximum allowed under the LAW.

p.s. Can you get that guy at your office to stop sending me emails asking for donations. I'm totally tapped out since I dedicated my life and my spending money for the last twelve months to getting you elected. But thanks for the nice email message from you and Michelle saying that it was people like me that made it all possible and that this was really our victory. Nice touch by the way.

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