Friday, December 12, 2008

Betty Page The Baby Boomer Male (And Female) Archetypical Ideal Of A Babe

Betty Page died yesterday in Los Angeles. Page was an icon of the 60's generation and our sexual revolution. I’ll admit I went through puberty at a time when Betty Page was at the peak of her career and remember as a young Irish Catholic school boy being somewhat conflicted about having a perplexing fondness for Betty and photos of Betty. Perhaps that’s why to me she always represented in many ways the ideal physicality and spirit that any healthy sound minded male who was naturally interested in girls would be looking for in a woman. She was perfect. In many ways I think I’m still looking for those Betty Page qualities in women I meet. That's why I think Page probably remains the gold standard female personification for many males and yes, many females born between 1945 and the mid 1960's.

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