Friday, December 19, 2008

Historic Inauguration Rick Rolled Panties In A Knot Gay Media Work To Make Fat Ass Preacher With Ugly Goatee Only Thing We Will Remember

Popular and notable Gay Media types the likes of Rachael Maddow of MSNBC, Anderson Cooper at CNN and notable bloggers like John Aravosis at America Blog, and Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic Magazine have not been able to talk about much else since, as Maddow put it, "an angry gay community smarting over proposition 8" found out that Rick “fat ass” Warren had been chosen to give the invocation at the upcoming Obama inauguration.

Funny, I remember when no one gave a shit about an inaugural invocation. They'd usually have a Catholic priest Father Flanagan type get up there and say a few words about god watching over America and that he wanted Notre Dame to beat USC by two touchdowns in the Orange Bowl.

Knowing the Catholics like I do he probably held many of the same beliefs that Warren does today but no one even batted a eyebrow. The whole invocation was sort of irrelevant part of the ceremony. But not today in the touchy self interested modern world, because everything will be examined ad nauseam by every airhead TV personality and pajama-ed blogger.

Obama might be having second thoughts about picking Rick boy now, but it be far worse for him at this point if he tried to rescind the invitation. Looks like Obama, in a moment of rookie post partisan weakness, saw the invite of Warren as a gesture to America that all would be welcome at his table no matter how stupid their nonsensical religious beliefs may be, as long as they had some sort of constituency that seemed politically viable. Proving unmistakably once again, if nothing else, that Religion can ruin anything that’s good and worthwhile.

Thank you Christopher Hitchens! Who’d be my choice for the invocation, and I’m not even an atheist. I like him mainly because he'd be shocking and funny at the same time and probably leave all the evangelicals twisting in the wind contemplating the reason our founding fathers believed in the separation of church and state.

The uproar in the gay community seems to be headed in the direction of turning this historic moment of America installing it’s first black President into a full on let’s turn Rick Warren into the center of attention and have the media hanging on every word he says so we can dissect it's real meaning extravaganza.

If no one gave a shit about Rick Warren before this brouhaha, now he’s bound to be a household name and go on to probably raise millions of dollars while happily converting many thousands of new dodo heads into his bigoted flock. Thanks in part to overly outraged gays who should learn that sometimes it's good to ignore bad behavior and not throw the baby out with the bath water.

But, the animosity is well founded. Warren besides being an ugly fat ass, who looks like he needs to stop stopping at every buffet table he comes within 100 miles of, is your typical right wing anti gay fundamentalist type. But he garners a mighty sway with his fellow right wing religious fanatics types, and as fundamentalist go, I’m told he’s one of the more progressive on issues such as global warming and poverty. Obama claiming he wants to get things done saw that inviting Mr. “get rid of that fucking goatee” as a opportunity to garner support with Warren’s crowd and move forward where there maybe common ground.

By the way, my gaydar is picking up several blips on it’s screen every time I see Warren on TV giving one of his talks about what Jesus meant us to know about the human sexual response and how to suppress those natural sexual tendencies. Maybe he's really in the closet and that's the problem because as we know you hate and fear the things you suppress the most. Oh those nasty temptations.

But Obama badly under estimated the timing of the selection pickle he put himself in with the vocal panties in a knot over the passage of proposition 8 in California gay community. No more mister nice gay, one of the signs in a recent protest said or we’re really pissed about this and it’s not a good time to kick us while were down. It's like making bomb jokes at the airport.

I agree. It's not good to give people who don’t believe in equal rights such a big stage as the inauguration to reinforce their wacky belief systems. But I also think that the gay community has made its point and should use the opportunity to say fine have your freaking invocation fatso but what’s important is that we respectfully disagree and will eventually prevail and have our equal rights whether you like it or not. In effect claiming the high ground.

Now, let’s do what we came here for and celebrate our Democratic Party’s victory in the election and the historic nature of the President we are installing in office on this wonderful and historic day.

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