Thursday, December 04, 2008

American Workers Live In Fear Of Their Paternalistic Employer’s Phony Authority

“Take my freaking soul boss, I have no use for it”.

American workers have become gutless undignified tools living in fear of their employers every whim. Thankful they can just show up and work for near minimum wage and if their lucky lick enough boot to also receive a shitty health insurance package with a $5000 deductible.

You may as well be dead.

People like anti union Senator Richard Shelby from the right to work State of Alabama and his fellow Republican working class ball busting buddy South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford take great pride in complaining about workers who make more then $10 dollars per hour. They equivocate it to extortion that working stiffs could actually make an average of $28 dollars per hour like union autoworkers do.

Oh my fucking god, can you imagine actually making $28 bucks an hour!

Then there’s Mitt Romney, another lying sack of shit politician born with a silver spoon in his mouth nonchalantly going on how he’d strip the pensions of thousands of autoworkers as part of his answer on how to save the US auto industry. I guess it’s easy for him to say, but what about the thousands of workers who’s pensions are at stake who believed they had a binding contract with their employer made in good faith and based on years and years of showing up and working their butts off producing the employers products.

Look at the States these people like Shelby and Sanford represent and you’ll find they’re some of the most unfavorable for income levels. In 2007 Alabama ranked 47th and South Carolina ranked 42nd. By the way heavily unionized and forward thinking Washington ranks number 11. Surveys show that states with larger numbers of union members consistently rank higher in wages then states with low numbers of union members.

The main goal of the Shelby's of this world is to bust unions so States like Alabama can continue to have the anti-union heavily tax payer subsidized foreign auto companies producing cars there that cost less because of the exploitation of the unrepresented lower wage happy as a clam don't ever complain local workers. One must also understand that the comparably higher wages paid by the right to work State non union automakers are the direct result of fear by the company of being organized by the union.

But the bigger problem, as I see it, is that most workers who would benefit from a union as strong and effective as the UAW representing them don’t get it either. They’ve been taught and condition to think of themselves as the rugged individual who will rise to the top on the basis of his own merit. Not as a class of workers who have more in common with each others well being as a group then their phony paternalistic boss would like to programmed them to believe.

Sure some workers will rise to the top but most won't. The game for the employer is to make everyone believe that it's possible for everyone to become part of management if they kiss ass and keep their nose clean and management uses the group think as a way to keep all employees in line and in fear of ever questioning the boss's authority or their ability to play a part in controlling their wages or working conditions.

Proof of this widespread ignorance is the recent survey over 60% of the people who were asked thought the auto company should not be bailed out. Basically willing to allow millions of workers to loss their livelihood because they can't get their freaking heads around what's actually happening here.

The president of the United Steal Workers Leo W Gerard says that no one gives a shit about the “people who have to shower after work.” But they give billions of dollars no strings attached “to the people who shower before they go to work.” At least the automakers are promising to pay the loans back here.

The myth of over paid autoworkers being to blame is just plain bullshit. The additional myth that American car companies are making inferior cars is also mostly bullshit. But it difficult to figure out for the typical no nothing and believe everything I hear American.

Most of these people are the same ones you hear complaining about unionized construction workers they see taking a break on the side of the highway. They’ll complain endlessly about how these workers are overpaid or lazy. But what they are really saying is I wish I had that type of security and good wages instead of working like a dog for the low wage I get. Meanwhile I’m in constant fear of being fired if I don’t kiss the employer ass on a daily basis. It’s every man and woman for himself or herself. These workers have literally sold their souls and dignity so they can live from paycheck to paycheck working at their crummy job. That they'd probably be better off losing given the destruction it does to their psyche.

I admit that unions are not perfect and maybe if your some hi-tech nerd you MAY not need a union. It’s been my experience that most blue collar workers do. One must admit that the labor movement has in fact improved the working conditions of workers they represent in most cases, and that has had the direct effect of raising every worker’s boat whether they are union or not.

So wake up and stop bashing the workers and their unions for exercising their right to earn a decent wage, health care benefits or a damm pension to retire with in dignity just because your too dam scared and uninformed to fight for your own rights and dignity as a worker.

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