Friday, December 12, 2008

It’s Simple Stupid If Your In The Market For A Car Buy American

Or how to ruin your Southern Republican right to work State Senator's day and help autoworkers everywhere.

The main problem with the auto industry crisis that’s somewhat overlooked is that no one is selling cars. Not the big 3 or the many foreign car makers that have non-union plants in the Southern US. Listening and reading about the crisis you'd think that the problem were only a domestic crisis. The fact is that aside from the general financial crisis, which has apparently put the American companies in danger of collapse more then the foreigners, it's a problem of Americans not buying the cars that are made in this country when they have access to the credit to do so.

The failure by democrats to pass a bridge loan bailout bill through the Senate was mainly because of Southern Senators opposition based on their regional protectionism concerns about the foreign car makers plants in their right to work states being organized at sometime in the future by the United Autoworkers Union. Not because of some ideological opposition base on a dislike of government intervention in the free market and union workers are over paid.

But that's the bullshit reason they'd like you to swallow and if your not outraged about it your not paying attention.

Next in line is your job.

What to do at this point is the question. I think the bigger problem is one of poor public relations by the car companies and the widespread misconception that all American cars are somehow inferior to their foreign competitors. Americans should realize that American made cars are not all the low quality gas-guzzlers that the public perception of them seems to be. The facts are that GM, Ford and Chrysler are now producing or on the verge of producing a number of really good vehicles with great mileage and generous warranty protection plans. I admit their not perfect, but the difference in quality is not enough for most Americans not to consider buying a American car.

My suggestion is that we show the foreign companies and their Republican lackeys they can’t just destroy the dignity of millions of American blue collar worker and their families. Blood should be thicker then any foreign car company indirect Republican shill front man’s Senator’s union busting manipulations of worker everywhere.

The sad reality, also mostly ignored by the media, is that most of these foreign car makers are locating their plants in US right to work States because they are trying to avoid labor union activity in their own countries. In fact, in most cases they can build cars in their US non-union Southern plants cheaper then they can build them in their own country because their foreign plants are heavily organized by unions. I wonder what autoworkers in unions in Germany, Korea and Japan think about the union busting going on here.

So, these foreign automakers themselves should be ultimately held responsible for exploiting workers everywhere.

That’s why Americans should wake up and start to address this double standard by these protectionist Republican Senators but also by the foreign car making companies too. So I say boycott the real exploiters of American auto workers and autoworkers throughout the world and buy American cars made by unionized workers.

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