Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Yes We Can Heal This Nation, Yes We Can Repair This World

photo by: Denise McKenzie Great Falls, Montana May 31. 2008

Is this really the day that we have longed for so long? The presumptive nomination of Barack Obama at hand? The cynics vanquished, the pundits proven wrong, the chorus of pandering play it safe super-delegates finally jumping on the bandwagon.

The improbable has happened. The dream has come true for many of us.

The hours, days and months of work by a countless unnamed army of volunteers who slept on floors in many far away places awakening to go forth to caucus, phone, canvass, register voters, and organize. Much of the work, sweat, tears, doubts, and primary setbacks, behind us and our major goal of fundamentally changing this nation now coming into bright focus.

Now the fight can be focused on the real opponent, the Republican Party and John McCain and the policies and ideas they represent. We must work for unity. We must set aside inter party improprieties of the past and we must rededicate ourselves to winning the ultimate prize of the white house and the congress. For all of us, no matter what candidate we supported, it is a time for open-mindedness and hard work.

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