Friday, June 20, 2008

FISA Immunity Impeachment Expose Colluding Compromised Democrats

Democratic Party leaders in Congress including but not limited to Harry Reid, Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer continue to sell out to the President and his gang of corporate criminals who further threaten our constitutional rights and the rule of law.

They are now heavily compromised by their early awareness and collusion and decision to look the other way when Bush administration policies began ignoring the law and the constitution in the fear ridden period after 9/11 and in the run up to the war with Iraq.

These backbone lacking phonies were more then happy to jump on the bandwagon when they were afraid they be branded obstructionist or peaceniks if they stood up to Bush on illegal wiretapping, extraordinary rendition, or opposing the war.

Instead of standing up to guard our rights, calling for more evidence before going to war or fighting the abuses, they simple went along with what the President wanted, ruled by fear they'd lose their precious seats in Congress. Simply put, they were not doing the job they were elected to do of protecting the constitution or citizens from these abuses of power.

Because of this early collusion and approval of Bush wrongdoing they have been rendered impotent and in jeopardy of being exposed themselves as the slimy whimps who when along to get along that they actually represent.

This is the main reason Democrats like Hoyer and Reid continue to push the so called compromise FISA bill that includes telecom immunity and are also not eager to proceed on the impeachment of the President even though the evidence for impeachment is overwhelming. By ignoring impeachment or continuing the efforts to grant telecom immunity they actually insulate themselves from the truth coming out of their personal involvement and collusion with Bush policies.

So we're faced with another sad day if your a Democrat, watching these Judases sell us out for the thirty pieces of telecom immunity or the continued funding of the Iraq war without tying it to a date to withdraw.

Even though Bush continues to have one of the lowest sustained unfavorable ratings of any president ever these Democrats continue to refuse to stand up to his bad policies, violation of our rights, illegal war or the protection of telecom illegal activities.

What the hell are they good for anyway?

Politicians like these should be run from office and replaced by candidates who are more concerned with protecting us from the abuse of power then just being reelected. Not only do we need a change in the White House we need to remove these do nothings from leadership roles in the Congress and replace them with Democrats who are not in collusion with a corporate driven Republican agenda.

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