Monday, June 16, 2008

Photos From WA State Democratic Convention

Here are the photos taken at the WA State Democratic Convention last weekend in Spokane. The WSD presidential election year convention business didn't provided many surprises. The principle activity being the election of at large and party leader delegates to the National Convention. Over 400 candidates were completing for 17 at large and 4 alternate delegate spots at the Denver convention.

Please feel free to download or use the photos. It be nice if you'd give artistdogboy a photo credit if you publish a photo. Better yet upload or email some of your own pictures to added to the album. I was to busy running for delegate myself to take as many pictures as I would of liked. You can find the icons to prompt you if you download, email or upload at the top of the web page at the album website.

Congratulations to the winners. The quality of the pool of candidates for National Delgate this year was simply amazing and it boggles the mind when you consider that nearly all of these wonderful people are pretty much dedicated to and at the disposal of the Obama campaign through this election and beyond.

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