Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Somebody Tell Dr. Dobson That People Have Been Making Up Stuff In The Bible For Awhile Now!

So I guess Barack Obama can make it up too. At least The Great Black Hope’s interpretation points out that nothing in the Bible should actually be taken literally. And I need not remind you Dr. Dobson that your truth is not my truth. What you believe is for sure not what I believe. I’m sick of theses so called religious authorities like you thinking they have somehow cornered the ultimate truth market. Organized religion usually gets it wrong and when they do the bodies invariably start to pile up.

This interference by religious groups and individuals also has reared it ugly head with Muslims whining publicly about what they claim is inattention from Obama. This SHOULD be a country where pandering to any religion by candidates for the highest office is not one of the determining factors in deciding who is qualified to be President. Hasn't making everything presidential into a religious litmus test gotten us in enough trouble already?

Most Americans actually born here and others coming here after living in actual or near theocracies need to understand the basic principle of the separation of church and state. This information apparently has been removed from the text books by religious nuts cases who have infiltrated our government institutions.

I believe in God but why and how I worship is no ones business or should it be some sort of test of my standing as a citizen ever.

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