Thursday, May 29, 2008

Big Lie Country

Yee-ha I’m in Missoula Montana. It’s breathtaking every time I enter this state and get whacked up side of the head with the natural beauty of the mountains and natural wonder of this place, and to think that there are less then a million people in the entire State of Montana, a huge area. There surely must be places in this state where men of European decent have actually never been. I’ve only been here in the spring and summer. So I have yet to experience one of the long cold winters that the locals talk about. But I’m not that upset about it. They say there are only two seasons in Montana, winter and August.

I’ve been here since Tuesday night. Having come here to work on the GOTV (get out the vote) Obama for America campaign in Missoula. Hoping that the Montana primary result with be the final stake in the heart of the Clinton’s obtuse reasoning for continuing their personal obsession to see the Clinton succession to the throne continued no matter the damage done to the chances of the Democratic Party in November.

If the current polls hold up Obama should pull out a win on Tuesday. I know he has hundreds of volunteers here and around the state working 12 hour days to make it happen.

Missoula is a college town and home of the University of Montana. So there's a liberal bent to the place and a great number of artists, free thinkers, nature lovers and intellectuals about. This makes it a Obama kind of town. But then there’s aspects of the town and the local government that are rather conservative. You can see it in the lack of zoning that creates hodgepodge type neighborhoods and the poorly maintained infrastructure and a sort of hang on by your fingernails feeling created by too many years of a boom or bust mentality. The people from here are very independent and the conservatives tend to be somewhat cranky about politics.

I hear the lyrics from the Hank Williams song “mind your own business, so you won’t be minding mine” in my head every time I talked to one, when I was phone banking. I think you get that way when you continue to vote for criminals like George Bush thinking it's a good thing and come to find out he may not really give a shit about you after all. Plus lots of folks I met don’t seem to hardly have a pot to piss in or their just a couple of pay checks away from having to consider what it be like to become a mountain man or woman.

Like in East Texas, where I canvassed for the Obama campaign in March, you have poor whites here that are as Republican as they come. But here I don’t think it’s as permeated with the Christian right rhetoric as it was in Texas. It’s all about not paying taxes and their fucking guns being confiscated. “Obama going to take my fucking guns away”, they whine. Number one it would be literally impossible to get their guns away from them, and two it’s total bullshit. But it’s what they believe.

You’d think it should be about economics, family wage jobs or healthcare, but it’s always about these freaking divisive wedge issues or some wacky deep meaning of personal patriotism with the “rushlimbotomyiacs”. They watch FOX News and live in fear of everything that’s out there beyond the front yard fence in the big bad ass world that’s made up of foreigners, gays and uppity blacks. What pathetic poor souls many of them really are.

But in their hearts I think they want to hope and believe again. It’s just that the cynicism, doubt and double-crossing politicians have made them temporarily insane.

Later I’ll share more on the beautiful people I met in another Montana.

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