Thursday, June 19, 2008

General Who Investigated Guantanamo Abuse Says Bush Officials Commtted War Crimes

This last weekend I attended the WA State Democratic Convention in Spokane. While there I had the opportunity to meet James Yee the former US Army Chaplain sent to Guantanamo to administer to Muslim prisoners who, after being accused of collaboration with the enemy, ended up becoming a prisoner himself. Yee, a Washington resident, was in Spokane having been elected an Obama pledged National Delegate from Washington's 9th Congressional District to the August Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Yee accuses the US Government of torture and violation of the Geneva Convention in their treatment of prisoners in Cuba. You can find out more about Yee and his experience while at Guantanamo in depth and in his own words here.

Yee is passionate about getting the true story of what happened at Guantanamo out. It is shocking to know what the Bush administration did in our name to the prisoners held at Guantanamo and other black sites. They continue to this day to deny responsibility for their crimes and recently attacked the Supreme Court decision that restores certain constitutional rights to the prisoners in Cuba. A decision. by the way, that presumptive Republican nominee John McCain called "one of the worst decisions in the history of the court". Making one wonder if McCain actually read or understands the decision, being that he was a war prisoner himself.

There are now two excellent reports that go farther, and accuse the Bush administration of war crimes. Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba, who's now retired, new report found that U.S. personnel tortured and abused detainees in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, using beatings, electrical shocks, sexual humiliation and other cruel practices. McClatchy also has has excellent in depth series that includes interviews with many former prisoners who were tortured but subsequently release after it was determined they were innocent or, in some cases actually working to support American efforts.

Both these reports add credence that Bush, Cheney and their cronies may one day have to face the consequences for their abuses of power and arrogance in putting themselves above the law.

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