Monday, June 09, 2008

Election 2008 Really About Optimism Versus Pessimism

John McCain often will go on about how America is a can do country that has always overcome it’s trials and troubles by hard work and optimism striving ever onward to a better future. Yet his campaign, one could argue, actually represent a fear laden and predominantly pessimistic view about the future. The problem is neither he nor his handlers see it that way or recognize the negative themes they really are spelling out to the American people.

The difference between Obama and McCain is that the can do optimism Obama is talking about is the real deal and the kind McCain is pushing is mostly a presidential campaign's attempt at high minded oratory.

Many Americans don’t get it either and continue to support McCain’s fail ideas instead of the more genuine and real form of optimism that Barack Obama has been talking about since he got in the race. It will be Obama's job to make Americans see the difference between what's really optimistic and what is just more of the same old campaign BS being shoveled down their throats. It's the past versus the future versus fear and pessimism versus real optimism and change.

There are two excellent articles that reinforce this argument for pessimism versus optimism. Frank Rich’s piece in the New York Times and Amy Sullivan story in Time magazine where she looks at the fact that Clinton really didn’t attracted all the women that some think she should have and the reasons why.

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