Thursday, June 05, 2008

What is Hillary Fighting For?

I'm all for being kind to Hillary and Bill and recognizing their accomplishments. But most people who are living in the present know that her behavior the last few days has been pretty awful. Her self-importance did not prevent her from impinging on Obama's historic accomplishment and moment on Tuesday night.

I'm not saying she necessarily had to concede then and there. She may claim she'd be ready at 3am if she were in the White House, but she demonstrated she didn't have much of a grasp of what was actually happening at 8pm EST Tuesday night. It was not so much an affront to Obama personally, as a affront to the Democrat party's moment to shine a bright light on it's nominee and his message.

Instead we were subjected to another distracting days of our lives news cycle soap opera episode staring Hillary, Bill and Chelsea when the spotlight should of been focused on Obama and the real drama of his historic accomplishment.

On election night she ask for voters to go to her website and write her a note to tell her what they wanted her to do. You can imagine what I filled in and submitted on the somewhat misleading rah-rah message form above. But it was something along the lines of it's not really about you or your husband's overblown egos anymore. Mainly. I suppose, this is a ploy to raise money so us poor sap working people can pay off the millionaire Clinton's campaign debts that they ran up because of her continuing mismanagement of her own campaign.

If you feel sorry for them write them a check but note that a portion of your money will also be going to the likes of corporate sleazeball Mark Penn. Who has demonstrated by his actions he doesn't really give a shit about you or your family.

The way the form is set up you have to wonder what exactly is meant by "everything we are fighting for". What the hell exactly are they fighting for? Apparently the destruction of the chances for the Democrats to win in November and the resulting appointment of a sufficient number of conservative Supreme Court Justices to overturn Roe v Wade.

It's tone effectively works to split her supporters from the the rest of the party and perpetuate the erroneous believe that somehow someone has had their vote not counted or been had by the vague and unseen sexism or media forces of evil who spend 24/7 thinking up ways to keep women like them in their place. Clinton does more to harm the equality of women by continuing to use gender bias and the media as an excuse for her personal shortcomings as a candidate. When she started the campaign she didn't want to be shown any favoritism because she was a female , but by the end it was subliminally part of her frequent excuse for why she was being misconstrued as a candidate.

The way that Clinton has handled the end of the campaign is tacky and far from graceful or magnanimous. From what I can gather from press reports she now will suspend her campaign on Saturday but still wants the option to have her name placed in nomination. So don't be surprised if her announcement stops short somehow of fully supporting Obama or turns out to be another Clintonian drama filled self-centered departure from reality.

The Clintons seem to continue to be in denial about just what has happened apparently hoping Obama will somehow be hit by lightning or worse. How the Republicans will use all this ambivalence by Clinton towards Obama remains to be seen. If something did happen with Obama I be more inclined to nominate someone like Joe Biden if I were a delegate to the convention. I couldn't deal with four more years of the Clinton's dysfunctional drama school of the absurd.

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