Saturday, May 03, 2008

Friends Of Daniel O'Brien For National Democratic Convention Delegate

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The race is on to fill 7 Democratic Convention National Delegate slots. The election takes place at the 7th Congressional District Caucus on May 17th at North Seattle Community College. 327 voting delegates, who were elected at the legislative district caucuses April 5th, will select the National Delegates which allocates out to be 4 women, 3 male and one male alternate delegate for the 7th CD.

What a epiphany it would in Denver to be playing a role in nominating Barack Obama as the Democratic Party's candidate for the Presidency of the United States come August.

Check out my delegate website which outlines the volunteer work I've done for Obama and why I'd make such a groovy and dead serious working class John McCain's butt kicking Obama National Delegate.

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