Monday, May 05, 2008

Obama's Real Message Goes Mostly Unheard

The daily bullshit spreading machine that the main stream media represents in modern America makes it's hard to hear any of the real message of change put forth by Barack Obama.

For instance, yesterday on Meet The Press Tim Russert spent over 30 minutes of the hour interview with Obama myopically regurgitating the Reverend Wright crap and not doing a very good job of questioning Obama without using the sensationalized gotcha whoopee shit sandwich line of questioning that all these bozos think is appealing.

Russert, and his cohort on MSNBC Chris "Tweety" Matthews live most of their life in the altered universe of a Irish Catholic male good old boys network perception of the world. Everything they come up with is tainted by this bent. Being a Irish Catholic myself from a politically active family I don't need a decoder to understand what they're really talking about most of the time. It seems sometimes everything is irrelevant unless it has at least six degrees of separation from Tip O'Neil the old neighborhoods in Buffalo or Philadelphia or an alter boy.

The problem of course is the real message of change gets lost or never covered. That's why it's refreshing to come across a video of Obama in a recent town hall meeting talking about what he really wants to happen with government and the vast network of people that spontaneously formed to support his message of change if he is eventually elected president. It says tons why we need this person to be our President next January.

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