Monday, May 19, 2008

My Arguments For More Balanced Obama Convention Delegation

Annie Wagner a writer on Slog and Obama National Delegate candidate has a post on the 7th Congressional District Democratic Party Caucus that happened Saturday.

She oh so astutely noted in the story that the makeup of winning delegates comprising the Obama slate was pretty diverse but lacked "older people". Which as a candidate I tried to point out to bolster my argument for electing delegates that would better balanced the delegation, namely me. I promoted my wealth of experience and being over 60. So much for experience, or at least my kind of experience.
"I don’t know about the HRC delegates, but that Obama slate is pretty diverse. There are black people, gays, a 17-year-old high school senior, an Iraqi-American man, and an Iranian-American woman… no older people, though."
I'm determined to continue to make this argument for balance and experience (older people) in Spokane at the Party's State convention June 13-15 where I will seek one of the at large delegate slots.

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  1. I think you'll probably find diversity across the districts is already balancing out the representation.

    We had mostly older delegates in the 8th and frankly the many young candidates were shut out and one could say not well represented by the final outcome.