Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'll Be In Montana The Next Four Days Working For Obama

I'm off to Missoula, Montana at noon to spend the next few days working on the Obama campaign there. I'm sure to be blogging something from MT.

Hopefully by by next Wednesday, with the help of the super delegates. Obama should have enough of them in his camp to claim the nomination. In spite of anything Bill Clinton and the other manipulating bunch over at the Clinton campaign are trying to pull. This latest ploy of claiming a "cover-up" is pathetic.

One must ask themselves if the Clinton's are supposedly so sharp why do they seem to have screwed things up so much. They surround themselves with Mark Penn types advisers who they have wasted millions paying off with their contributors hard earned money, yet still have no real strategy except for the giant and phony makeover of Hillary's image. Trying to turn her into a Midwest blue collar waitress when actually she a Northeast elitist out of touch gender centered divisive pandering politician. She just wasn't the best candidate in the race it's that simple and I'm glad the Billary traveling circus will soon be ending it's run.

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