Saturday, September 05, 2009

My Ode To Labor Day Save The Economy By Buying Shit You Don't Really Need Made By Slave Labor

One of the major reasons we are in a protracted and recurring economic downturn is that we don't really make anything in this country anymore. All those union wage manufacturing jobs got shipped off to China, Mexico or some other free market third world country. Some American home grown capitalist who's commercial makes you all warm and fussy about being American and who use to make things here can now make even bigger and more scandalous profits on the backs of the powerless workers in the many sweat shops of the world, just to sell it back to you here in la la land. Along with the jobs goes the flow of capital to the corporate masters and governments of other countries while America is left swimming in debt.

It may not be as simple as just creating more manufacturing jobs again, though. As the Springsteen song Your Hometown says,"these jobs are going boys and they ain't coming back". But working people can certainly demand better wages and working conditions which can give them more buying power which will increase consumer spending which will lift the economy. The labor movement can play a major role in the recover. That's why the proposals like The Employees Free Choice Act could be crucial in creating an atmosphere where workers can be on a level playing field with employers should they wish to join a union. Paul Krugman made this point in a open letter to the President in January citing approval of card check and real health care reform as crucial to a overall plan for economic recovery.

You don't see it that way I know. You think that it's neat that most of the wealth in this country is concentrated among a relatively small number of rich people. Leaving only the income crumbs for the rest of the workers who, by the way, produce that wealth in their be thankful you have a job, job. It's all the better that way to keep you from complaining about it. Thinking all the time that somehow your going to be the one that breaks the mold. Maybe that could happen if we realized they have more in common with the working class then chasing a delusional dream that I'm better then being just working class.

Rather snobbish and condescending I'd say. This of course flies in the face of the belief that either your a person who is working class and therefore the real salt of the earth one who makes their living with dignity and honor or a your a moron who has no initiative. Common corporate induced stereotypical propaganda themes. It's not enough to be contently producing wealth for oneself, your family and the boss. Isn't it a truism that material possessions have little to do with real happiness in an enlightened society. So what's the point in compiling lots of stuff anyway?

Making people think there's a simple or less effortless way to be happy is the key to the man keeping you in the everlasting mode to buy cheap shit that you don't really need that has a 9 out of 10 chance that it was made in China or Mexico by some poor stiff who's working for close to slave labor wages. The false belief is that there's no actual work involved, it's just a matter of finding the silver bullet short cut to a wonderful life that awaits for those without love handles or labor union membership.

Okay you go to Walmart, who's reputation for exploiting their workers is well documented, because you can't figure out that your caught up in the wasteland lifestyle that is an American in bred tendency of not giving a shit about the long term effect of your misguided consumerism or how it effects other workers in this world.

Still in that dead end job? That's the plan that someone forgot to explain to you when you bought hook line and sinker that American dream. Your in debt up to your eyebrows beholden to the credit card industry or your bank and looking for some way to forget. They've got you right where they want you. Broke, desperate, demoralized, and driven by fear. How much more of a capitalistic whore can you be? Shopping for cheap shit to get that temporary endorphin rush hoping it fills that empty spiritual hole in your freaking soul that you don't realize or deny even exists, and I'm not talking about the corrupt spirituality of organize religion here.

Well, at least if your going to work in a job you don't really like you deserve fair paid, real health insurance reform, better working conditions, a secure retirement and lots of time off to workout with your thigh master or to buy more unneeded crap. Maybe you should considering joining a union which may be the ticket to all that plus regaining your dignity while helping the economy and showing some solidarity with other workers in this world. Most of us are in the same boat after all.

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