Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My Blog Post That America Blog Editors Didn't Want You To See

The other day I wrote a blog post based on the premise that the blogosphere is somewhat overly gay-centric. The thinking is that many major gay bloggers are in a snit over the failure of Obama to move legislation dealing with gay civil rights forward quickly enough, and this bad feeling has spilled over into a general bashing of the President for anything they perceive as failure or lack of leadership by the White House on other major issues of the day. Apparently. an observation that Im not alone in wondering about after seeing this post on Open Left this morning.

I posted a comment on a America Blog story that was bashing the president one more time with a link to my blog story. My comments were subsequently removed and are now lost forever.  I believe it is because the people at America Blog didn't like what I was saying in the linked blog post not the comment itself because it didn't agree with their views or hit a little close to the heart. I realize that it's their blog and they can accept or delete whatever comments they wish. They accused me of bashing the editor John Araviosis and only posting a link to my blog to gain traffic. Two things I deny. I think it was rather heavy handed given that the thrust of my post and link was on point with their story and what could be their possible motivation for their continued slamming of Obama.

Update: Found the comment posted under my facebook username Ricky Cresciend'o that started the brouhaha:

"Ricky wrote a comment on AMERICAblog via DISQUS: "Mr. Aravosis could you please stop bashing the President. The has become more then just worthwhile or productive criticism. It actually helps Republicans and in the end you will get nothing accomplished that improves the situation. For more of my opinion about what's really going on here please reference:"

As you can see although my comments were blunt they were far from anything over the top in my opinion. My complaining has now got me blocked from posting any further comments..... on America Blog. I think I'll slit my wrists, not.

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