Monday, September 07, 2009

Does The Gay-Centric Blogosphere Exist And Has It Had It With Obama?

Lately you can hardly find a major left leaning blog that’s not busy bashing President Obama. Whether it’s calling him a wuss for allowing the narrative on the Health care debate along with the so call public option to go off the rails or for his failing to immediately address and deal with LGBT community poster child issues of don’t ask don’t tell and gay marriage civil rights.

Only six months ago everyone on the left was totally ecstatic about the election results. It was the dawning of a new era of change. Maybe Obama raised our sights to high with his lofty rhetoric or made promises that in reality were not achievable even within his first term, given the unseen and now well known failures by the Democratic Party’s new control of Congress. Congress’s failures are not necessarily the responsibility of the President I would argue. So, In other words thank Senator Baucus and Harry Reid if the public option fails, don’t blame Obama.

America Blog’s openly gay John Araviosis was posting so much on gay issues, especially DADT and gay marriage civil rights, he had to create a separate blog just so the flagship blog would be actually reporting on anything else. Now a day doesn’t go by without Aravosis in someway slamming Obama as incompetent or worse. Why so much venom? There is something else going on here. It’s not politically correct and the elephant in the room and surely I will be thought of as a dick for saying this. But, is there a gay-centric bias prevalent in the lefty blogosphere and media, and is it fed up with Obama because of its disappointment with him over not addressing gay-centric political issues? Has this spilled over into a general tendency by these pundits to trash the President whenever the going gets tough on other major political initiatives?

By this I mean that often issues that involve gay rights appear to be getting more attention then other major issues of the day that are systemically more important when it comes to setting national priorities for change and for the continued vitality of our republic. Are LGBT civil rights issues, although vitality important, as important as many leading bloggers, pundits, and major media types think they are when compared to issues that more directly effect everybody else in society. If tomorrow you had the power to choose between health care reform and repealing don’t ask don’t tell, which would you choose? You can only pick one. Ending the war in Afghanistan or passing laws creating marital civil rights equality for gays?

These are in effect the types of priority battles that the President must choose to take on each day.

Dare I say that I believe what’s at the heart of this negativity is not so much disapproval or the lack of clarity coming from the White House on the major issues of the day. But, rather I think what’s at the heart of this disappointment is a gay-centric blogosphere and liberal media with a axe to grind. The sentiment and thinking I believe is based on a belief that because the President has not immediately and decisively moved gay civil rights issues to the head of the line, where the LGBT believe they belong, he is suddenly not the same Barack Obama they remember electing. Because of this thinking there is a tangible snit going on. There is the tendency to avoid looking at the bigger picture, and a backlash of negativity and even talk of a failed presidency, and this after only 9 months in office.

Gay bloggers, writers and media pundits are pissed about the lack of action on issues they hold dear and I think this is clouding much of their thinking about the President’s progress and priorities or lack of it in general. I think gay influence on the blogosphere and media is real and profound. I also think it’s good except when it effects your overall vision of the world and fails to realize that most of the world is not gay and arguable not seeing every issue based on the personal experience of being gay.

So is the President misguided for not championing major LGBT community issues and giving them top priority? It is not he alone that governs after all. He has an indecisive, muddled and Reid and Pelosi led Congress to convince and like someone said, “it’s like being Michael Jordan on a bad team”. So he must pick his battles carefully no matter how righteous the cause may seem to you personally. If anything the attacks should be aimed at the Congress not the White House. This nonsense of calling the president incompetent only emboldens the Republicans and weakens progressives in the end. As important as LGBT concerns about civil rights are they simply do not out weigh the need for other major initiatives in the long list of national priorities.

How soon we forget the past and how counterproductive this type of mind set becomes will be important in the immediate future in determining what type of government we get in the end under Barack Obama. Obama inherited a complete mess and here we are only 9 months down the road and people are acting like nothing has been accomplished. Much of this negativity I believe is centered in the above mention disappointment over the fact that Obama did not on his first day in office strike down all laws, and institutions that affront gay rights. A power he doesn’t really possess individually. You can also blame it on short-term memory loss and the all American spoiled need nowadays for instant gratification.

In the end I believe that gay civil rights issues will by address by the President to the general satisfaction of all those concerned about these inequities. His inability to do so now will be forgotten. In the mean time lets get our priorities strait and stop unfairly blaming him for everything that's wrong with the process.

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