Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5th CD Republican Kathy McMorris Promotes New Wingnut Claim "Disabled Kids Death Panels"

I grew up in Washington and it embarrasses me every time I think that no nothing a-holes like Cathy McMorris-Rogers and Doc Hastings are actually representing this state in Congress. My kids call me from back East and complain because they thought Washington was a blue state.

McMorris-Rogers jumps on Republican health reform bullshit spreader with this wack job like doozy. "Republicans warn of rationing for disabled children". Here's a taste.....
"McMorris-Rodgers could not point to any specific language in the legislation currently before Congress that would deny health care to disabled children, but she said she and the families were worried that a government-run health insurance plan would give power to a government bureaucrat who would be able to decide whether or not "certain procedures or certain devices" would be covered for individuals. The independent fact-checker PolitiFact wrote last month that there "is no panel in any version of the health care bills in Congress that judges a person's 'level of productivity in society' to determine whether they are 'worthy' of health care."
Rachel Maddow had a segment about this story on her show on MSNBC tonight where McMorris is making an ass out of herself while standing on the steps of the nation's capitol doing a her version of a Michele Bachmann imitation attempting to spread this lie. Fact: Government run SCHIP and Medicaid programs provide health coverage for all children now. So I guess McMorris is against that since some bureaucrat is getting between the kids coverage and their doctor's right to send them before these new socialistic nazi kids death panels.

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