Saturday, September 26, 2009

Final Push This Weekend For Public Option Now Before Senate Finance Committee

Daily Kos has an excellent assessment of the life or death of the public option being considered by the the members of the Senate Finance Committee. A vote on the amendment that would include a public option in the committee's bill is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday. The Daily Kos post gives a rundown on the key pro and con Senators and who's votes will be needed for the public option to survive. Also provided are links to email or to call key blue dog Democrats who have been against or noncommittal on the public option. The final battle for the public option is more likely to occur in the Senate when a bill reaches the floor then in the house.

In recent days polls have been indicating that most Americans support the idea of a public option, even in the districts of many of the Blue Dogs who are not now supporting it. So the next three days are critical. NOW IS THE TIME TO EMAIL AND CALL THESE SENATORS.

If an amendment is approved by the Senate Finance Committee it would mean that all the health reform bills being considered by the Congress, both House and Senate, would include a form of a public option. Making the likelihood of it being part of any final health reform bill excellent.

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