Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Letter To Senator Max Baucas

Dear Senator,

When your old and gray and no longer a Senator, I hope, and your sitting on your porch enjoying the sunset I hope this thought comes to you.

By your complete capitulation to the corporate powers in the health insurance industry you will literally be responsible for the deaths of many ordinary folks long before their time. Furthermore you will have literally taken bread out of the mouths of the children of working people all over this country. In addition, your actions will have helped destroy the trust that Americans should have in the process and justice of government.

Your a gutless tool of corporate America. All their money and favors are not going to change that, because you have decided that your ego and apparently your lust for power, money and your beloved Senate seat are more important to you than the general welfare of this nation or it's people. Your a disgusting phony who I will work to defeat in any election where your name is on the ballot even if I have to drive 1000 miles to do it.

In the end you will have to live with this personal failure on your conscience knowing that you have sold out the vary people who put you in power in the first place, including the weak, the powerless, and those without a voice who long for someone who will bring justice to them. As the President said, this is a moral issue, not some backroom corporate sham or deal like you apparently have made it.

After all these months of fighting for health reform, and after all your stalling only to benefit the powerful, you have deliver a bill that will actually do nothing to protect working people or make the insurance industry honest. In fact it will make them even more powerful and greedy. There's a Woody Guthrie song where the lyric goes. “some people rob your with a gun some people rob you with their pen”. You, of course are in the category of hold-up men who are doing the latter.

It's funny how these right wing and corporate types are always yelling for competition except when they are the ones who are expected to compete. Your bill does nothing really to control the cost of health insurance and its burden on American families. Instead it will make your allies in the insurance industry, who have apparently bought and sold you, even more embolden to rob, and yes, kill people. Don't try to put lipstick on this pig either, because you will fool no one really except the ignorant.

But you know what going on Max don’t you? Maybe not...

I will be sure to tell my children that if your bill or anything similar to it passes as health insurance reform that the blame for the sham and complete sellout should be directed at Montana Senator Max Baucus. Furthermore, I hope your branded with a reputation for failure and selling out working people for the rest of your life. If you came to my home I’d throw you out into the street with the rest of the rife-raft and con-men. You’ve disgrace your state, a state I’ll have you know where my grandmother was born and once had a history of caring about protecting the welfare of working class people. How times have changed.

In the final analysis it's not about you or your power or Montana or even your Senate seat after all Senator. It's about having the courage and backbone to do what's right when the political going gets tough. People like you are seldom remembered in history because really you stand for nothing except your own self-aggrandizement.

So thanks for nothing! Hope the millions in corporate contributions make you happy.

Daniel O'Brien
Vashon, WA

p.s. I urge you to also contact Senator Baucas by clicking here.

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