Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain Proves He Hates America By Not Wearing Flag Pin And Loses The Debate Too

America hater John McCain forgot his flag pin and forfeited the 1st Presidential debate tonight because of it. Rambo John almost blew a aorta talking about the time he single-handedly was responsible for a moment of weakness which ended up with America becoming surrender monkeys and losing the war in Vietnam. Something he'd never let happen again. Apparently not realizing that most of the country except for the guys who where behind the swift boating of John Kerry don't really give a shit.

Waxing on about the past in spite of a twitchy and half closed left eye McWarbucks pined on about all the wars and uprisings he'd been through and how he'd love to get even for losing the war in Vietnam.

McHoover also use the word surge at least 20 times to describe what a McFlipFlop presidency would look like. McCain ended the debate dramatically by saying "Obama you magnificent bastard, you read my book" before removing his $500 shoes and falling on his sword.

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