Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Palin Dropped From Ticket To Be Replaced By Corpse Of Mount St Helens Harry Truman

In the wake of mounting evidence that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was not properly vetted and that she is becoming a continuing distraction, the McCain campaign announced today that she will be dropped from the ticket and replaced with the just located corpse of Mount St. Helens Volcano mountain man and independent thinker Harry Truman.

"If this place is gonna go, I want to go with it, 'cause if I lost it, it would kill me in a week anyway", Harry said while killing a bottle of Oly the last time he was seen. Known as a survivalist, outdoorsy man and free thinker when he was alive he championed much of the same political ideology of the now deposed Palin. His well known refusal to move off the rumbling volcano demonstrated the same staunch closed minded-ness and determination that Palin has demonstrated on such things as not giving a woman control over her own reproduction rights and not allowing sex education in the schools. Plus he was known to own lots of guns.

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