Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is America Ready For Sarah Palin Book Banning New Rich White Trash

Sorry no more mister nice guy from me with this woman.

If elected it's sure starting to sound like Sarah Palin will bring be her new rich white trash lifestyle to the White House apparently. Where she'll probably spend most of her time trying to pass laws that tell you what you can and cannot read.

All we'll need then is a double wide on the white house lawn and a couple of broken down big wheel trucks parked nearby. Maybe a snarling dog on a chain. That's if she got the time after making sure we're all ready for the end of the world. The end will be near if we finally elect this Jerry Springer show reject.

The ABC report below on her attempt to intimidate her hometown librarian into removing books from the library should be required viewing for all. Your next.

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