Saturday, September 20, 2008

Healthcare Reform Threatened By Massive Federal Bailout

Is this been the real Republican strategy all along? Plans for a massive 1 trillion dollar federal bailout of Wall Street Banks and financial institutions will severely threaten any plans any future President may have for creating universal health insurance, reform of social security and other government program reforms for years to come.

I think that a better way to address the problem would be to directly help homeowners who are facing financial crisis and foreclosure. It would probably cost much less and be a more direct way to address the problem instead of just bailing out the greedy super rich Republicans. Several experts familiar with the economy think in fact it would make Wall Street accept responsibility the old fashion way by going bankrupt with some help from the government to ease the effect on the rest of us.

One thing it says is that Bush legacy is now complete including 2 wars, 4161 dead soldiers in Iraq, hundred of thousands of dead civilians, American respect in the world at a all time low, financial chaos, economic breakdown, massive deficit, Afghanistan, torture, constitutional rights threatened and a broken and incompetent government bureaucracy.

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